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The Luckiest Generation

That ever has been or probably ever will be

1929 to 1945

Jack and Barbara Rairden


Figure 1

Generations as per Ref. 1

1. New Worlders: Born 1871-1889. Many in this generation emigrated to the U. S., mostly from Europe; they were the children of the Pre-New Worlders and were reaching adulthood by 1900.

2. Hard Timers: Born 1890-1908. This generation spans the millennium - the hard times include World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II. Many were children of the New-Worlders.

3. Good Warriors: Born 1909-1928. Many in this generation were destined to live through the Great Depression and to serve with distinction in World War II. Tom Brokaw made them famous as the “Greatest Generation”.

4. Lucky Few: Born 1929-1945. This has been a largely unnoticed generation; sometimes called the Silent Generation. The early years of those born in the ‘30s experienced, as children, the Great Depression. But their life was turned upside-down by World War II and the prosperity and technological¬†¬† developments in the next four decades.

5. Baby Boomers: Born 1946-1964. Members of this generation were the children of the Good Warriors and the Lucky Few. Their births were numerous and they were destined to grow-up in times of unprecedented prosperity, even though not all members would share in that prosperity. There were periods of great social unrest due to the Viet Nam War and civil rights battles to obtain equality for minorities and women.

6. Generation X: Born 1965-1982. Somewhat akin to the Lucky Few, this generation had a downturn in birth rates. However, they are experiencing a stagnating economy and uncertainty about their economic future. They are the age group that is in the early stages of taking responsibility for the control of U. S. welfare and development for the next 20 to 40 years.

7. New Boomers: Born 1983-2001. In this generation, the number of births in the U. S. rebounded. They are proceeding through school and college, and are part of the explosion in information technology.



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